Tips for Building the Perfect SharePoint Intranet & New Features of Sharepoint 2019

Tips for Building the Perfect SharePoint Intranet & Features of Sharepoint 2019

With the recent release of SharePoint 2019, Synthesis Technology is very excited about the Sharepoint 2019 improvements ( Sharepoint 2019 Features) that have been brought. We are the best SharePoint intranet Design and Development company.

With cloud accelerated experiences, an improved hybrid search, Reorganized Home, Improved communication and team sites, suite Navigation, etc.. SharePoint 2019 looks like it could be the best iteration yet from Microsoft.

We specialize in producing exceptional Microsoft SharePoint intranet portals that have unique, innovative functionalities and eye-catching designs those will engage employees, clients and other internal/external users.  Even you can use Microsoft Office 365 also for Sharepoint Intranet.

Please make sure you use following tips in your mind before starting Sharepoint Intranet or Sharepoint extranet for your company…

1 Requirement Gathering before start of anything ( No surprises at mid of development)

2 Focus on Functionality & Contents

3 All electronic Device Friendly Layout like Mobile, iPad, Tabs..

4 Have a Fresh & Beautiful Front Page

5 Adapt Hybrid Approach

6 Keep provision/place for every possible users/visitor

7 Proper use of Meta Data & Search configuration

8 Update Intranet time by time

9 Easy to manage and User friendly Layout

10 User Training and Support


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