SharePoint Document Management system Metadata Navigation

How to configure your document management system (DMS)  in SharePoint and Search for documents in a document library using Metadata Navigation


Step 1. Configure your metadata, upload documents

Option 1: Using choice field type

The simple way to create drop-down choice metadata is described below.

  1. Go to the list or library where you want to add metadata. As a example, we utilize a document library now.
  2. Go to the Library Tab

Click on Library Settings
Click on Create Column

In the Column name field, type in the name for your column. Under the type of column, select choice radio button. the page will refresh than you can modify further.

Scroll down little. In the mid of the screen, go ahead and type in your drop-down choices, one-by-one. It is also a good practice to make the column mandatory (this way the user will be prompted to enter metadata when uploading a document and will not be able to leave the document untagged).

Scroll down a bit. You can default to a certain value of metadata when you upload a document than click OK

That’s all! Go ahead and upload a document now to the library. You will be asked to enter metadata (tag documents). Please click Check-in, once you tag the document

Option 2: Use Managed Metadata / Term store

There is another way to define metadata i.e. via the functionality called “Term Store “.  This is also called  managed metadata.

  • Create your metadata (tags, labels, whatever you want to call them) in the Term Store
  • Create your metadata column at a list or library and associate it to the ——-metadata you created in the Term Store


Step 2: Enable Metadata Navigation feature

The Metadata Navigation and Filtering feature is enabled by default on most sites. If it is not enabled for your site, you can enable it on the Site Features pages for your site.

  1. On the Site Actions menu, click Site Settings.
  2. Under Site Actions, click Manage Site Features.
  3. In the Features list, find Metadata Navigation and Filtering, and then click Activate.


Step 3: Configure Metadata Navigation

You must have a least the Manage Lists permission level to configure metadata navigation for a list or library.

  • Go to the list or library for which you want to configure metadata navigation.
  • Click the List or Library tab of the ribbon, and then click List Settings or Library Settings.
  • Under General Settings, click Metadata navigation settings.
  • In the Configure Navigation Hierarchies section, select the field or fields you want to display in the navigation hierarchy and then click Add.
  • By default, Folders are automatically displayed in the navigation hierarchy. If you do not want folders to display, select Folders, and then click Remove.
  • Repeat step 4 to add more fields..
  • In the Configure Key Filters section, select the fields you want to add as Key Filters, and then click Add.
  • In the Configure automatic column indexing for this list, It is recommended that you select the option Automatically manage column indices on this list.
  • Click OK.


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