Enhance the Productivity of Your Organization
with Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

We have been working in close collaboration with our clients for SharePoint solutions.
Beginning with the very first version of Microsoft SharePoint 2003, we have so far covered the entire spectrum of SharePoint till SharePoint 2016 and we are ready for SharePoint 2019. Our history with SharePoint, combined with years of experience and product knowledge that our developers bring to the table, will ensure your users have an intuitive as well as an robust system in SharePoint. We create custom SharePoint and Office 365 solutions to help you as much as possible at every business task. There are many ways to customize SharePoint Online that it has become nearly as powerful as the custom-developed solutions in SharePoint On-Prem.
A quick explanation of the differences between SharePoint Online and on-prem. In a traditional SharePoint on-prem environment, we can write code that is deployed and runs from the actual SharePoint servers. This code has access to absolutely anything in SharePoint. We cannot deploy this server code to SharePoint Online, so instead we use client-side code. This is code that runs in your browser.
With 14+ years of SharePoint consulting and development, Synthesis World assists clients in developing turnkey solutions from scratch, as well as in tweaking or updating running systems to make them more powerful, user and mobile friendly, and suitable for specific business needs.

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