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DEKSI Network Administrator permits advanced users to oversee and manage their network in an interactive working environment that features tools to draw LAN maps with multiple hosts, view system information and generate reports. It comes packed with many handy functions and customization settings.

Classical-looking interface with an interactive layout

The GUI does not stand out in looks, yet it is easy to navigate. Drawing tools are provided to easily put together network maps. For example, this can be done by running a

6add127376 olwerb

hazzubol 1 month ago

Users can also export the results of DB2 queries that are executed from MsSqlToDB2 to the current DB2 console, which provides them with the possibility to execute the same query on the DB2 command line.
Furthermore, the program provides users with an intelligent interface, which is useful to familiarize themselves with the commands syntax, and can be used to make the necessary customization of the application before data migration. In addition, the interface allows users to edit text files in the main

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fatyfai 1 month ago

This is a little PS plug-in with a graphical user interface designed to be a versatile metering plugin for any DAW system out there.The main function is creating accurate readings of your tracks in instruments like VU meters, PPM meters, ATD meters, logarithmic meters, peak meters, background meters and any audio system that measures the output levels.

A7MPVintageMeter.VST v1.2.0.5. [27

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yamkris 1 month ago

I have been using an application that has forced me to migrate all my accounts across to Yahoo several times.
Of course, the transition itself takes a considerable amount of time and even more attention than is usual, but soon the accounts are all nicely created and all you have left to do is choose a Yahoo username, add its security options and voila!Characterization of microbial pools from the bulk soil of a humid tropical African plateau.
In this study, phosphate solubilization

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graygilb 1 month ago

After using a lot of visual difference between them. Unfortunately, the absence of support of graphics formats that I always need for the perfect presentation of my slides…. Honestly, I still use ThinkFree Flash Slideshow Creator for doing it.The Fungus Among Us: In Harmony With The Earth.


If algae is good, fibrous algal waste is better!



Fibrous Algal Waste


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hughkri 1 month ago

Annotation Tool is an open source tool under the GNU GPL licence.
* lxml – XML Parser in Python.
* Action:
* document have been created this week at moses lab

02/16-02/17 Conference of Department of Computer Science

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hughkri 1 month ago

Annotation Tool is an open source tool under the GNU GPL licence.
* lxml – XML Parser in Python.
* Action:
* document have been created this week at moses lab

02/16-02/17 Conference of Department of Computer Science

6add127376 hughkri

hughkri 1 month ago

Annotation Tool is an open source tool under the GNU GPL licence.
* lxml – XML Parser in Python.
* Action:
* document have been created this week at moses lab

02/16-02/17 Conference of Department of Computer Science

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godwalo 1 month ago

* Copyright (c) 2015-present, Facebook, Inc.
* All rights reserved.
* This source code is licensed under the BSD-style license found in the
* LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree. An additional grant
* of patent rights can be found in the PATENTS file in the same directory.


#import “RCTImageCirc

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santtorc 1 month ago

What means in detail?
Upon installation, the “Clearcase for Eclipse” plugin generates one or more workspace
profiles for your projects. The “Clearcase for Eclipse” plugin can activate such workspace
profiles when you activate the Eclipse plugin. You can additionally create and edit new
workspaces based on a…

The LCG Defense Tools for CLE works by using the ClearCase Enhancement Profile Language, which is similar to the ClearCase Event Profile Language. The main difference between

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dalylem 1 month ago

Screenshot by Matt Barber


Beautiful screen and small in size



Needless to say that you need a good connection and not to be disturbed

Needless to say that you need a good connection and not to be disturbed


Immunos is a small antivirus tool that allows you to scan files or all your drives for viruses. It does a very good job and protects you from the latest threats. We

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yalgar 1 month ago

Identifying NetCDF files by content


While exploring the functionality of the netcdf4 package, I was trying to
determine what NetCDF files were available in the current directory by
executing the following code:

The names of the two files were identical but their content was not


If you need to identify the files in the library based on their
content, you could use the function nc

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deeoze 1 month ago


Supported Operating System
Microsoft Windows, supports Windows 2000-Windows 10

Supported Region


Compatible Software

Programmers and Developers Tools
IIS, Apache, Visual Studio

Download Section

Official website ( – 0.9.10)
SourceForge Changelog – 0.9.10
SourceForge Software Mirror – V

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washondy 1 month ago


How do I get the public IP address of my device via ssh

I have a number of Raspberry Pi 3 nodes and I’d like to display their public IP addresses via ssh – haven’t found anything via Google.


The easiest way is to use hostname instead of IP and then get your own IP address. Example:
$ hostname
$ ip addr
1: lo:

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pleafede 1 month ago

Of course, MO3 has other features as well, including the ability to create “Theme Packs”, which combine various samples into a single file (much like mp3 headers), the ability to convert an MP3 to MO3 and the ability to send various effects to samples and have them processed on the fly.


Some background

MO3 appeared out of a need to be able to use samples hosted on the internet without worrying about data loss. There are obvious times where

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educha 1 month ago

(as from August 1st, 2010, if more than 12 users are registered, subsequent weeks’ use will be free)
■ Trial version does not allow the user to print results.
■ Excel 97/2000/XP/2003/2007.
■ MS Office 2007 not compatible with Windows 8.
■ No more than 11 workbooks

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tardenn 1 month ago

]]> Crystal Report 8: Professional Business Application for Windows
Mon, 11 Mar 2014 08:07:15 +0000

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peatdar 1 month ago

Professionals can also view this extension as a guide to improving and keeping their skills sharp.Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS)

Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), also known as BITS Pilani, is an engineering and management institute. It was established in 1986 and presently is the only university in India to be ranked in the highest 150 in the world. Its campus is located in a rural town of Pilani in Rajasthan.

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