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Its free, so why not give it a try?

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eterfre 1 week ago


Javascript to fire an event when HTML document is loaded

I have an onload event that fires once the windows initial HTML document is loaded, is it possible to fire an event when a specific HTML document is fully loaded?
I tried using:

function documentLoaded()
window.alert(“doc loaded”);

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It can be a good diagnostic tool for beginners, who want to test their data before its inception.

Caution: the team behind QEMU has announced that work on QEMU will be replaced entirely by KVM, as was initiated by the Debian family. You might therefore not need this tool anymore, so the developers are kindly asking to take the development of this tool into consideration. The application mentioned in the review is still under development, but is stable and safe.


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They are very easy to use and powerful.

Project Dunes Audio Components is a collection of Delphi classes (StdDunes.pas,, which was created by Daniel Costanach of Digital Experience for developing applications in the Delphi ecosystem.
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Ribbon Bar Icons contains a set of applications UI elements, which are very useful in the web design. 
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The Help file is comprehensive and the entire setup process is simple.President Obama focused much of his second national security speech Wednesday on the threat of terrorism. But when he got to the “demand” portion of his oration, he dispatched the United States to battle not just Al Qaeda and its ilk, but the steady shift in global power toward China and Russia.

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Get it here, install the program and start extracting PDF pages.
It’s simple and free!
You can find Advanced PDF Splitter at SourceForge at this page.Free radial forearm flap in reconstruction of the nose and ear: a review of 20 cases.
We have reviewed 20 consecutive patients with defects of the nose and external auditory canal after tumour ablation to document the functional and aesthetic results of using the free radial forearm fasciocutaneous flap for reconstruction

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You can run the program on any Windows system, regardless of how severe the security vulnerabilities are, what the cost is, and how old your PC is. It includes all the features that are required to protect your system from hacking attacks, and you can choose the one that suits you the most in the Performance Tab.Депутатский сын Алексей Коновало�

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Whether you’re a geek, a business man, a hacker or just an average user who needs more performance for their PC needs, the solution to the most common problems presented on the 5 Unusual Connection Issues in Vista control panel is as easy as a click. We know you might not be used to working in the registry editor, so we’ve made the process easy for you to understand and follow. A few clicks on the directions below and you will now have control over

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Although debug programs or tools are vital for developers of all skill sets and levels, the number of software debuggers that developers use has increased dramatically. In addition to the variety of debuggers available, options for filtering and presenting the data are often limited. In one element, DebugView hopes to offer its users better options for viewing and managing the software print output. The utility allows developers to view kernel-mode, WIN32 05e1106874 bettsarn

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The outcome of the tests confirms the high availability and functionality of the program. It can cope with a wide variety of file format, scan USB disks, local drives, as well as gadgets. In addition, the automated scan is perfectly suitable for flash flash disks, which make up the majority of USB drives that are infected with worms.
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