Power App Portal

What are Power Apps Portals?

The PowerApps app building function works perfectly for businesses. It allows the creation of canvas or model-driven apps to share internally with authenticated users. With PowerApps portals, you can share your websites and data stored within the apps with an external audience – even anonymous users. Share existing apps or business data with whoever you wish. Apps are hosted on customizable branded templates, which you can develop and personalize with the drag-and-drop portal builder platform.

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What are the benefits of Microsoft PowerApps Portals?

PowerApps portals are an additional service that allows you to share your apps and data with users from outside your organization.

The PowerApps portal creation platform is low-code and simple to use. You can integrate elements of your company’s branding to your portal, adapting the supplied page templates to create the perfect business website.

Interactive and intuitive elements include Dataverse (Common Data Service) components like data dashboards and interactive forms. Use these to build a high quality, super-functional website exactly to your specifications. Make a purpose-built customer service portal in minutes.

Combine the power of all your Microsoft services in one

PowerApps portals can be combined with multiple data sources from across the Microsoft suite. Combine data analysis and reporting with Power BI’s insights, or add intelligent automation with Microsoft Flow (now Power Automate). Embed elements of your existing SharePoint sites, and align your portal with Microsoft Azure for personalised data management.

Communicate with your customers and partners more efficiently than ever

You can choose how (or if) users authenticate to view your portal website, so it’s completely personalised. Share more data and insights than ever before with your customers and other external users at the touch of a button. Users can sign in via authentication tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook or their Microsoft login account. Alternatively, use an industry service such as OpenID Connect for secure access.

Match business websites and applications in one simple platform

Portal templates are super customisable. You can mirror design elements of your own company websites and any existing apps simply, without needing any complex code. Combine your organisation’s brand guidelines with the intuitive PowerApps platform for easy website branding.

Discover Synthesis expert PowerApps Portals services for your business

Want to build your own business websites but unsure where to start? Let our Synthesis Microsoft experts help.

Our PowerApps Consulting Services cover the basics of the app and website-building platform as well as more in-depth portal examples.

Our web portals services can include:

  • Help with applying your branding and company stylistic elements to your website.
  • Ensuring secure access for all users.
  • Setup for portal users – both authenticated and anonymous.
  • Easy portal licensing.
  • Importing customized data and information through to your PowerApps portals and apps.
  • Tutorials on how to update your portal information and create new sites
  • Troubleshooting for portal setup and Microsoft service integration issues.

We can help with PowerApps Portal pricing queries, as well as Microsoft licensing. Portal management, design, troubleshooting, advice and testing is also available. Our team of Pune-based specialists is trained by Microsoft, so we’ll help you get the best out of the system.

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