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We are trying to provide a list of methods that can help us build faster Angular apps and monitor their performance. Our focus of this post is on decreasing initial load time and speeding up page navigation using code-splitting and preloading.

One of the most precious assets in an app is JavaScript. Once the browser downloads a JavaScript file. So its very important now how this file performs…

There are numbers of practices we can apply to shrink our App. Two of the most popular ones are:

  1.  Dead code elimination
  2.  Code-splitting

The Angular CLI has been doing a great job minifying bundles and eliminating dead code. Code-splitting is entirely in on Developers hands. So contact Synthesis Technology “your Angular Development company” & hire Angular Developers…

Following approaches can be applied as per as your requirement….

  • Code-splitting
  • Preloading strategies
  • Performance budgets
  • Efficient serving

Code-splitting with Angular

There are two main approaches to code-splitting

  1. Component level code-splitting – In component-level code splitting, you move components to their own JavaScript chunks and load them lazily when they are needed.
  2. Route level code-splitting – In route-level code splitting, you encapsulate the functionality of each route into a separate chunk.

Preloading Modules

This is Built-in strategy that preloads all the modules in the application. Preloading modules in Angular is very similar to lazy loading, with the exception that the modules will be loaded immediately after all the eager loaded modules are ready

The problem with this approach is that in an application with many modules, it may increase the network consumption and also block the main thread when Angular registers the routes of the preloaded modules.

For larger apps, You can apply more advanced preloading methods like

  1. Quicklink
  2. Predictive prefetching

Performance budgets

To monitor Angular apps over time, the CLI supports performance budgets. The budget allow us to specify limits in which the production bundles of our app can grow. In the workspace configuration >  budgets section, you can specify several different types of budgets.

Efficient serving

When Looking at datasets of a lot of Angular apps running into the wild, we noticed that over 20% of them do not use content compression. Even more, don’t use a CDN. These are two ways that are very simple to implement as part of the deployment pipeline.

  1. A highly efficient build of your app using the build functionality of the CLI
  2. Deploy your app to a selected hosting provider

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