SharePoint Branding

Are you hunting for the best SharePoint Branding and design services? Then why not choose the leaders in Synthesis Technology, a software outsourcing company which has been relentlessly providing high quality, timely delivered and cost-effective offshore development services for the past 10 years. Two of the most important elements of SharePoint implementation are design and branding. We, at Synthesis Technology, apply highly innovative, unique and out of the box visual designs to SharePoint. Our highly experienced and skilled team is capable of developing a range of SharePoint environments which includes public websites, extranets, intranets,custom webparts as well as custom applications by teaming them up with creative graphic designs and customized visualization to provide a truly exciting and uniform experience. Our team can help you integrate your so called social sites with different social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. All the mentioned tools and services require proper planning and structured implementation. It is important that the right project process is placed in order to achieve the desired results. Synthesis Technology’s broad range of services would ensure that you take full advantage of these branding solutions. Customizing an intranet/internet site with your company’s identity and branding can help create a more effective collaboration & user experience.

SharePoint Branding Approach :

  • Optimization of Graphics.
  • Brand Strategy for SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.
  • Development of customized Theme to meet your Brand.
  • Development of customized Master Page to meet your organization’s goals.
  • Implementation of various formats including style sheets, templates, Layouts, etc.
  • Regular recommendations and technical inputs on methods employed for implementation.
  • Branding All sharepoint Sites & subsites
  • Branding the default solutions of sharepoint.